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Miley Cyrus Uses Her Tongue To Keep Underwear Boy Employed 19.Oct.2008

She's just being MileyJustin Gaston must be in heaven. Not only does he have one of the biggest stars in America rocking his hard little body with her parents' permission, she's been good for his career. He doesn't even have to try. Designers will put him on the runway knowing that the horny little teenager will show up, guaranteeing their show more publicity than it ever could have received without her. He gets her all worked up backstage and tells the photographers where to stand, and the results are pure tabloid gold.

Miley's handlers at the House of Mouse are desperately scrambling to protect the image of their biggest moneymaker just a little longer, but that tongue just refuses to stay in her mouth. While Miley brags to her friends about private parties and sleepovers with her jailbait-loving panty whore, her reps insist that isn't the case, and that mom Leticia is very strict with her. Does that look like the face of a girl under close watch by her parents? No, that looks like the face of a girl drunk with lust and power. It's like Casa Spears all over again; once the 'rents are on the payroll, they lose their authority. How much you wanna bet Miley has a big new set of funbags to go with those big white Chiclet teeth before her 17th birthday?