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Brooke Hogan To Follow In Her Father's Large Manly Footsteps, Plans To Run Wild On Ric Flair's Son 31.Jan.2009

Hulkamania lives!!Well, it took her a while, but the littlest Hulkster finally got a paying gig. At the Florida State Fair, no less. Carrying on in the family tradition, Brooke is said to be making her big debut in the squared circle against another wrestling legend's spawn.

Hey, somebody in that family has to work. Mom and Dad are too busy squandering their resources in divorce court, and nobody will give Killer a break. He couldn't get paid to throw himself in traffic. He'll be a burden to the taxpayers for the next 50 years at least.

It's all up to Brooke. But that's OK; she's up to the task. She's loaded for bear and ready for action. She's been sparring with Dad for years and could body slam a wildebeest. Just last week her papa was proud to note that she's wearing his cup. "Fits like a glove," he might have said. "It brings a tear to the eye." Somehow I don't think they'll make her a Diva anytime soon.