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Lindsay Lohan Mistaken For Courtney Love, Vows To Change Her Ways 21.May.2008

What will Lindsay look like in 20 years? Yeah, right. We tried to warn you, Blohan. All that binge-drinking, chain-smoking and rail-tooting are making you a nasty old bag before you're even 22. All the Botox in the world won't stop you from looking like a nasty orange raisin that was pried off the bottom of a high chair.

Lindsay was traipsing up and down Robertson Boulevard last week, trolling for paparazzi dollars (nipples in sheer shirt $10, side boob $20, for a limited time only) but couldn't get anyone's attention. Discouraged and exhausted, she stopped for a bite of lunch at a sidewalk cafe. She was probably nursing a cup of hot tea (helps kick the pills in faster) when fans suddenly started shouting, "Courtney! Courtney!"

Sources tell Star Magazine that Lindsay was "extremely pale" (strung out). "You know things are going downhill when you get mistaken for an ex-druggie plastic surgery disaster who's twice your age!"