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Eddie Murphy And The Porn Queen: Is It Business Or Pleasure? 10.Mar.2010

Not what it seemsHuh. Could be both, I guess. If you're a porn actress, whether it's "soft core" or balls-to-the-wall fists of fury has anyone seen the cat kinda freaky, pleasure is your business. Maybe Eddie is sick of not making any money on his movies and wants more bang for his buck. Or buck for his bang. Again, they could be one and the same.

Regardless of motive, Eddie was seen out on the town with one Maya Gilbert, described by the folks at Bossip as a "Skinemax soft core actress". There's no word on what, if any, relationship the two have, but she doesn't seem his type. We all know Eddie loves his tuckers. Maybe he thought a nice beard would be good for his image.