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Band Aid Heiress Casey Johnson Found Dead; Where Is Her "fiancee" Tila Now? 04.Jan.2010

Casey JohnsonOh, this is so sad, if only because Casey was only 30 years old and has an adopted daughter. Said daughter has been in the custody of Casey's mother for quite some time, because her mommy was always too f**ked up to take care of her.

Casey was found dead on Monday in LA. There is no word on where she was found or who found her. Casey had a long and sordid history with drugs - she's been in and out of several rehabs - and she was keeping some questionable company lately. I can't imagine what Casey's family thought of her lover Tila Tequila, but their concerns about Casey's well-being were well-known, and they tried to help her. When they couldn't help her they tried cutting off her trust fund, hoping that being broke would be the motivation she needed to get clean. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect, and Casey went into a downturn she never recovered from.

My heart goes out to the Johnson family, who have been through so much only to lose their daughter, and at this time of the year. And I hope that Casey can now finally rest in peace.