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Keith Urban Having Trouble Following His Script, Nicole Can't Let Him Out Of Her Sight 28.Jun.2008

Prenatal, or prosthetic? I've said it before, and I'm not the only one. There's something very ... staged about Nicole Kidman's pregnancy. Like Lainey says, "Her boobs have not swollen, her face has not swollen, and she? s barely, barely gained any weight." She hasn't looked pregnant at all - isn't she supposed to be like six, seven months along? She still looks like she's wearing a second trimester strap-on instead of a ready-to-pop melon ball.

Keith is having trouble keeping up with the storyline, too. When he was interviewed by a local radio station last week, Keith denied he was taking birthing classes, causing a terror-stricken Nicole to actually call the radio station to correct him on-air. She showed up a short time later to collect her accomplice, I mean, husband before he could do any more damage. He means well but he forgets his lines and always looks like he's about to break down and cry because his shoes are too tight.