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John Edwards Admits Paternity. Does The Enquirer Get That Pulitzer Now? 21.Jan.2010

I know, it's hard to use "National Enquirer" and Pulitzer Prize in the same sentence, but you know what? I've followed their Edwards coverage from the beginning, and this wasn't "tabloid trash", as Edwards liked to put it. This was investigative reporting of the finest kind. Maybe it's the new boss's influence: he used to work for shows like A Current Affair, and is determined to get his publication taken seriously.

As well it should. They were the first to break the story of Edwards and Rielle Hunter's affair and the first to tell of their baby, among other blockbuster exclusives they've had this year. Edwards finally owning up to everything they accused him of vindicates their reporting beautifully.

Not sitting quite so pretty is the douche nozzle that is John Edwards, who now has zero career, no friends who will be seen with him in public and even less credibility ... and he's lost the best thing that ever happened to him, his long-suffering wife, Elizabeth. (Well, maybe not the best. They said she's a control freak and abusive to John, but who could blame her? ) NBC is reporting that she's finally thrown his sleazy ass out. It's about time. John released a statement acknowledging his paternity and apologizing for his behavior. If that wasn't enough, he may still face charges when the campaign finance probe is completed. Good times. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.