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Some Cannes, Some Cannot, Part Ii: Sideboob Is The New Black. Even When It's Orange 18.May.2009

Leaving nothing to the imagination (or hysterical nightmare)What some people will do for a little attention. Yeesh.

Phoebe Price has made a career out of hounding the paparazzi. While real celebrities go to elaborate extremes to avoid the pesky paps, Phoebe has turned the tables on them. She will hunt them down, run them ragged, corner them and refuse to release them until they take her picture.

And what's odd is that it seems to be working for her. She has a lifelong devoted fan in Michael K, who can't get enough of her chicken cutlet love. His Phoebe-atrics has now spread to the mainstream tabloids, where you can see her picture now and then. And if that's not enough, lo and behold: somehow Phoebe got to Cannes, where she made sure to only kinda hide her nipple in that saggy-on-purpose bathmat she has slung over her shoulders. She's kinda like a Creamsicle, all orange and white and melty looking. Blecch.