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Did President Obama Cheat On His Wife? He's A Politician, Isn't He? 01.May.2010

Oh no he didn'tI mean, isn't that a job requisite? I guess it's part of the power trip, all these people fawning over you, hanging on your every word. I've seen less than that make a dick hard, but politicians are a special breed of scumbag. Because they're lawmakers they think they're above the law, and they have their own set of standards. I didn't think President Obama seemed that type, but maybe he had us fooled.

According to The National Enquirer, the President had an affair with a "gorgeous" campaign worker named Vera Baker. They claim that Obama's enemies are offering a million bucks to anyone who might have info on the alleged infidelity, but they should save their money and just let the Enquirer crack the case: Their reporters have already located a limo driver who says he drove Vera to a hotel for a secret meeting with Obama. They're also investigating the hotel's surveillance video for that time to see if they can corroborate the story that way. The Enquirer has been on the money with their cheating scandals; they've even been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the John Edwards story.

If this story is true, Obama's enemies will use it as an excuse to tear his presidency to shreds. What's worse, Michelle will undoubtedly kick his ass ... I wonder if she knows this Vera Baker woman. I hope the Secret Service hid the golf clubs. And the waffle iron. Good thing they've got lots of extra rooms in the house.