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Mia Wasikowska Takes On Jane Eyre 17.Nov.2010

Mia as Jane EyreMia Wasikowskaposter for Jane EyreThis girl certainly likes playing beloved female characters of literature. After taking on Alice of Alice in Wonderland Ms.Wasikowska will now be playing the title character in the beloved Jane Eyre, or as I call it, a Jane Austen book but without all the joy and humor plus a ghost. Jane Eyre, based on the novel by Charlotte Bront?, is about an orphaned girl who has been belittled and unloved her whole life (and she is supposed to be a bit of a plain Jane which Mia is not at all but she works perfectly for this part. So is there where we get "plain Jane" from? Discuss) until she becames the governess in a creepy mansion to the very mysterious/extremely hot Sir Rochester (Michael Fassbender). All seems kinduv well for Jane finally until Rochester's crazy ex-wife that he said was dead but locks up in an attic comes out of the woodwork and puts a damper on things. Of course. Anyway this retelling of the film looks quite beautiful and spooky and has a stellar cast including Judy Dench and Jamie Bell (who is a cutie. Saw him today on the set of his new film Man on a Ledge). It will be interesting to see how it compares to Franco Zefferelli's 1996 version starring famous fashion icon, poet and socialite Charlotte Gainsbourg. Well if anyone can pull it off it is Emma. The film comes out early next year along with Mia's other film Restless in which she plays a girl with a terminal illness who falls for a boy obsessed with funerals. That one sounds super fun.