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Did Reggie Cheat On Kim With Kanye West? At Least It Wasn't Kenny Chesney 30.Jul.2009

Has better things to do with her time & moneyThat's good for Kenny, too. Amber Rose would whup him somethin' fierce for messin' with her man. Actually, the rumor is that Kim may have been playing around with the guy who thinks he should be the new King of Pop, and that Reggie's interception of a sexy text from Kanye to Kim was the excuse he was looking for to bail. Ladies, let this be a message to you: These football playing dudes are nothing but trouble. First the Romo, now the Bush ... just a bunch of man-hos.

But would Kim really cheat on Reggie? That sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Reggie's little flings were well known - maybe even to Kim, who was rumored to have paid off a tabloid rather than see a tell-all from one of his conquests hit the street. That's pretty sad. Pathetic, actually.

Kim has decided to take the high road, issuing a statement about growing apart and being too busy for each other, blah blah blah. I think she was the only who believed he would ever really marry her. She's better off without him.