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Miley Cyrus Waves Goodbye To Hannah Montana - With Her Back Fat 11.Jan.2010

She's just being MileyOoh, sexy. Just goes to show: you can take the girl out of the trailer park ...

Miley Cyrus is happy to tell anyone who can stand her pack-a-day Camels voice that she's through with the Disney show that made her a superstar. Now she wants to go on to be a serious actress. She just finished making a movie with a hot young Australian named Liam who has not so coincidentally replaced Justin the Underwear Boy in her life ... and in her bed.

Miley has reportedly already moved Liam in over her parents' weak protests. They know not to rock the boat too hard, or their little moneymaker will leave the nest and they might have to find real jobs. So until her little sister is ready to be pimped out to the Mouse (and rest assured, they are aggressively grooming her), Miley rules the roost. And runs around in a backless t-shirt like the oversexed little tramp that we all know she is.