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Lindsay Was Having Fun In Paris ... Until She Dropped Her Stash In A Sea Of Humanity 06.Oct.2009

But I don't want to crawl around on the floor again ... my knees are already dirty enough!And of course, being the high school (grammar school? ) dropout that she is, she couldn't very well ask for help - elle ne parle pas le francais, you know. I guess it was a long, long night after that.

This picture was shot the night before her big Ungaro debut - the one that was universally panned as being tacky, dated and downright atrocious. Heart-shaped pasties because "your nipples shouldn't be showing," according to Little Miss Adderall. It's far better to show off your haggy, saggy side boob. She just got all that work done on her face - she couldn't put aside a couple bucks to top off her implants? You can't drop all that weight and expect them to stay all flouncy and bouncy. Silly bitch.

Equally silly is Papa Lohan, who made a nuisance of himself with the tabloids today, telling them that Lindsay isn't addicted to street drugs; she's hooked on prescription drugs. No shit, Sherlock. Actually, that's not fair. I think Lindsay is an equal opportunity abuser - she will do whatever's available, preferably on someone else's tab. Ungaro was stupid enough to foot the bill this time - who's the next sucker?