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Daisy's Revenge: Jennifer Aniston's Dog Hates John Mayer. No One Gets Over On Stormin' Norman 07.Aug.2008

Jen and her best friendsAnd no one comes between a woman and her dogs. As a former dog owner and lifelong dog lover, I can tell you that if your dog doesn't like someone, get rid of them. The person, that is. Dogs are always right about stuff like that. Seriously.

Jennifer Aniston has a serious dilemma on her hands. After a humiliating divorce and a string of failed flings, she's finally getting a righteous bleeping on a regular basis. He's fun. He's talented. He lets her wear the pants in her house, and doesn't run screaming when she talks about getting more serious. There's just one problem: Jen's dog, Norman, hates him. Norman and Dolly, Jen's other dog, are her life. They were there for her when few others were. They love her no matter what, and they don't try to pee on her.

This is a canine conspiracy. When John was going out with Jessica Simpson, he made fast friends with the illustrious Daisy, who had her misgivings about him but kept her peace because Mommy was so happy. And then he dumped her. Daisy swore she'd get her revenge, and put the word out on Mayer. His name is dirt with the four-legged set, and he better be really careful where he walks.