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Oh, Mama. Whitney Houston Shows Off Her Coke Bloat On Vacation 09.Aug.2010

Damn. I got a doodie bubble ...Or crack bloat. Whatever the case, Whitney has certainly rebounded from the bag of bones she was only months ago. She still looks like smashed assholes, though, so I doubt she's living the clean life these days, or maybe she just hasn't been clean long enough.

Everyone really had their hopes up for Whitney's comeback album and tour. At first she looked absolutely radiant and was reasonably coherent in her limited promos, but reports of erratic behavior, combined with unbelievably bad performances and multiple reports of blatant public use of her crack pipe have undermined much of her label's hard work. Maybe they sent her off to the Bahamas to cut her off from her suppliers. Maybe it's even easier to cop a rock there. I wouldn't know. She's reportedly with family and friends, and as long as that doesn't include Bobby Brown she should be OK, but it remains to be seen what the future holds for her. I hope she gets the help she needs ... and maybe something in a control top wouldn't hurt. I'm just sayin'.