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Will A Diamond-encrusted Pacifier Make Your Baby More Beautiful? It Hasn't Hurt Shiloh 28.Jun.2007

I feel like such a blobMaybe that explains those bumblebee lips Shiloh has. She's Brad from the nose up, Ange from the nose down. Best of both worlds, eh?

The latest issue of Star has a feature on the beyond-pampered lifestyles of some of Hollywood's children. Most seemingly outrageous is the $17,000 diamond-encrusted pacifier given to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt to soothe her crankies - wouldn't that be a choking hazard? Sounds a bit far-fetched. Angelina has also bought Zahara $120 designer jeans. More than one pair. If she did spend some of her millions on pricey clothes for her tots and then donated them to charities when they're outgrown, what's the harm?

The funniest part of the story is the "shocking" fact that Brad and Angelina have nannies to help them with the children, like it's a bad thing that they make sure each child is given constant care and attention, and that their cultures are respected. The nannies are forbidden to carry the children around in public and have to follow Mama Angelina's rules or they're out. Mean boss lady.

As for Mama and her sexy daddy Brad, they recently took a romantic jaunt to Spain for the weekend. Do you think they still make jungle noises during sex? Hey, maybe it's time for another biological baby.