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Mischa Barton Drunk Again, Shares Her Nipple With Disinterested Public. Some People Never Learn 18.Sep.2008

Pop goes the raisinJust what is this girl living on anyway? She can't be getting paid that much for her straight-to-DVD (if she's lucky) film roles. I don't know if she's getting much in the way of residuals from her one hit show - the one where she was such an impossible bitch they killed off her character - so how does she do it? Simple. Her parents pay her to stay far, far away ... maybe they had to sell sister Hania into white slavery to support Mischa.

However she makes her living, Mischa seems hellbent on destroying what little is left of her career by drinking herself blind every time she goes out. I bet the designers who are still stupid enough to lend her dresses could tell stories about their condition when she finally gets around to returning them - if she does.

Boozy Mischa went out in London the other night, and of course emerged from the bar ossified. She tried to avoid eye contact with the cameras while she wobbled to her car, and was doing OK when it happened. Getting into the vehicle the shoulder fell on her dress, and of course she had nothing on underneath, so out popped her badly used right nipple. Again. Paps screamed, throwing themselves in front of passing traffic while Mischa just held her head in her hands. Yeah, like we haven't seen that before. Perhaps her parents should have seen if they could get a two-for-one deal on that whole slavery thing.