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Oh, Look! Ryan Seacrest Bought A New Beard! Will Tara Conner Be His Tarnished Beauty Queen? 08.Dec.2008

Doesn't like boysOr is she just a paid escort? This could also be to create some buzz for an upcoming project. Just think of the possibilities: Small town girl becomes Miss USA, goes hog wild living the high life in the NYC clubs, almost loses her crown but goes to rehab and cleans up. That's it. Poor bitch was washed up at 22.

Or was she? Maybe she was still under contract with the Donald, and completed her sentence acting as a mentor and dorm parent to up-and-comers. It could be part of her recovery process, atoning for her sins by helping others at risk. Then again, she could still like kissing younger girls. Ouch. That was catty.

Seriously, though, Tara is a pretty girl. What could she see in a guy like Ryan other than a career opportunity? It's not like she's landing any decent gigs, or at least those she gets to keep her clothes on for. Seriously, how could he possibly top a shot like this? Really doesn't like boys