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Two And A Half Weeks: Charlie Sheen Cops A Plea And Quick State-run Holiday Minus The Hookers And Blow 01.Jun.2010

Ready to bitch upIt was a no-brainer for the habitual offender - a quick 17-day stay in the Aspen Jail, which is probably considerably more posh than say, Rikers Island, versus probation. There's no way Charlie can keep his dick in his pants and his nose out of the powder that long. Even his own people knew that. He was born entitled, and he'll do whatever the f**k he wants.

Today Camp Sheen announced that their boy will plea out and immediately begin serving his sentence next week. In exchange the felony charge was dismissed. Better yet, he'll get out with a clean slate, free to pander, pummel and party at will. With his new $2 mil per episode deal for Two And A Half Men in pocket and all this unpleasantness behind him, Charlie can get back to doing what he does best. I hope Brooke has the sense to keep him at arm's length. Those two are like gasoline and fire together.