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Gerard Butler Loses Out To John Mayer, Forced To Walk Dogs Again 16.Dec.2008

Ain't touchin' that again!Such a shame. He's really kicking himself over it. What a lucrative gig that would have been. Wait, did I say lucrative? I meant to say romantic. Silly me.

Silly, because we know that Gerard and Jennifer genuinely had feelings for each other; their brief hookups were animal attractions, not financial transactions. Same goes for the Vitamin Water boy and those other pretty boys who followed her around for limited times.

Those pretty little boys took it all in stride when given their walking papers, but the hunky Scot isn't used to losing, especially not to a douche nozzle like Mayer. But Butler's star is on the rise while Mayer's is floating just below the surface of a hot tub in Malibu. That makes Gerry's asking price considerably higher, another turn-off for a girl who only likes to spend money on herself.

So what does he do? Amidst rumors of alcoholic relapse, Butler has been seen with some ... notorious company, most recently Paris Hilton, last week at Bar Deluxe in LA. If he compared being with Cameron Diaz to walking his dog, what does he think of Paris? Eavesdroppers reportedly even heard her calling him Braveheart. He's brave, all right. I hope he was also bagged, securely, or he just may have won a lifetime pass on the Valtrex Express. That's just like Wonky to try to ruin it for everyone.