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Hillary's Hip New Makeover Aims To Capture Crack-smoking, Self-harming Vote 06.Mar.2008

I still wouldn't ... your husbandThey tried to make me take a recount, I said, No, No, No.

The race for the Democratic Presidential nomination continues to be a neck and neck race. The candidates are pulling no punches. Hillary even sent Bill home for wearing a hideous argyle sweater without a bra. She didn't like the way he was looking at the interns anyway.

With time and delegates running out, Hillary knew it was time to reach down deep, to capture that certain something her opponent does not have. She got Chelsea and a bunch of her friends to help her with the hair and makeup and she hit the trail again.

Of course Hillary is no stranger to donning a disguise or playing a role. She and Bill used to do a lot of it back in the day when they were both in denial about what side of her bread gets buttered. She's also been pretending to be a happily married hetero woman for decades. Piece of cake.