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Katee Holmes: Porn Star 22.May.2007

I miss this girl...Apparently someone doesn't like a modified version of their name being used in porn! The real Katie Holmes is pissed.

There is a young lady out there that thinks losing her virginity on camera is a keen idea. That same girl thinks using "Katee Holmes" as her porno name is also a nifty little gag. The actual Katie sees this as a "cheap shot". A cheap shot at what exactly? I don't think Tomkat should be pissy. It's just a very good way to drum up some publicity. It's not like it's a sex romp about Scientology.

In my humble yet unasked for opinion, Katie should just ignore it. Doesn't seem like it has much to do with her. And Katee should think long and hard about getting deflowered on film. Regrets much?