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Marilyn Manson Likes Evan Rachel Wood Because She's Young, Dumb And Properly Submissive 18.Sep.2007

EEG shows little or no brain activity38-year-old shock rocker Marilyn Manson is enjoying the fruits of having a 19-year-old dimwit as a lover. She'll let him do anything to her, and she'll do whatever he tells her to do.

Case in point: The pair was spotted at JFK Airport on Friday preparing to board a flight to Los Angeles. Manson pranced through the terminal and breezed through customs unencumbered by so much as a boarding pass. Tromping along behind him was his little Dita-wannabe, loaded down with both his and her luggage. What a good little packmule. I'm sure when they got to their hotel in LA he even let her wax his back again.

These two yo-yos really deserve their own radioactive island. I've never been a big Manson fan (although I always loved "Beautiful People"), but after the way he dissed Dita and dumped her for that little crackhead I've just hated his pale and skanky ass. Dita tried to honor her vows, but after Manson went on another of his drug binges and shut her out of his life, Dita had no choice but to pack her bags and go. I'm sure her only regret is that she married him at all.