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Stallone Denies Juicing But Admits Fisting Crazy Janice Dickinson 28.Jan.2008

Duh, HGH doesn't make me stoopiderIt must be incredibly frustrating to Stallone that with all that human growth hormone he's taken that he's still a little bitty dude. "Yo, doc," he may have said to his doctor. "I thought you said this stuff was growth hormone. How come it's not helping me grow? Especially down there - I think it's shrinking."

Whether it was the HGH or Janice Dickinson that made Sly's wee willy shrinky remains unknown; we really don't need to confirm it. With the opening of the new Rambo movie recently and the media speculation about how a 61-year-old man got so pumped, the ugly specter of steroid abuse was raised, and Janice, being the kind sweet old granny lady that she is, couldn't keep her big mouth shut.

"He juiced me," the ancient bag of silicon and bones said. She said she also watched Stallone inject himself, and that she was able to go back to modeling six weeks after giving birth because of it. Stallone of course denied all of this to Howard Stern. "The only thing I injected her with was my fist," he said.