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While Farrah Is Hospitalized In Serious Condition, Redmond O'neal Gets Popped With Drugs Again 05.Apr.2009

We love you, Farrah. Get well!Redmond O'Neal is a f**king mess. He's been an addict for years, is currently on probation and is facing additional charges for possession after being arrested with his father after probation searched his house a while back. His dad plead guilty, perhaps trying to save Redmond from himself, but he's not having any of that.

While his mother lays in an LA hospital, in serious condition and possibly near death, Redmond and a friend decided to go visit a friend in jail Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the dipshit forgot to leave his drugs at home, and when the sheriffs searched the car at the jail parking lot, Redmond flagged them down to inform them he was carrying. (Not really, but he might as well have.)

Now he's being held in lieu of $25,000 bond, which is probably best, considering he can't keep clean and his family can't seem to help him, other than tying him up and shooting each other over it. I'd feel bad for him, but he's not the one who deserves sympathy. His poor mother, Farrah, has been battling cancer for three years, and just returned from another trip to Germany before being admitted to the hospital last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. I just hope she doesn't know what the little piece of shit is up to.