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Well Done Heifer: Kim Kardashian Fries In Mexico, Blames The Marinade 19.Apr.2009

Not a good way to burn fat

This cow has no shame. If I fell asleep in the sun with giant goggles on my face, the last thing I'd do would be to post it on my Facebook page. Then again, I have a life, with a family and a real job. The same cannot be said for Kim or any of her large-boned sisters.

As strong as the Mexican sun is, I was actually surprised to see a girl with such olive skin get such a bad burn. I guess fake bake doesn't hold up well under the real thing. It's all Khloe's fault - she usually shades Kim from the sun with her big bovine body. And it's such a shame. The only thing to do with such an overdone slab of beef is to throw it to the dogs. Poor things.