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Jennifer Lopez Will Compete In Triathlon To Make Her Babies Proud. They May Never See Her Do Anything Else 27.Mar.2008

Thinks his ass is much hotterIs this a new Scientology new mother requisite? It's like they have to sacrifice something back to the tower of fertility or Xenu will strike them all down. Besides, it's not like she has anything else to do with her time. She has round the clock baby nurses. She lives in an opulent mansion on Long Island's Gold Coast (think Gatsby) with oodles of servants. She has no movies or albums in the works, and Marc's income is more than enough to keep them fat and happy for the rest of their lives.

Marc, like Tommy Boy, is also very controlling. Maybe she's doing the triathlon because it's the only way she can get out of the house without him breathing down her neck, watching her with those beady eyes all sunken into their shadowy sockets. He looks like he's in training to be a crypt keeper. They do look happy, though. The People spread was a blatant PR puff piece, but you can see they really love each other. Neither one of them could fake that.