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Wino On The Run! Amy Won't Let Family, Record Company Keep Her From Her Beloved Crack 06.Jul.2008

Just call me a geologist. No one knows rocks like me!Just when they thought she was safe ... Amy Winehouse is on the loose again, and no one is safe. Not paps, not fans, and certainly not the random dude with a pipe to fill. As long as her heart is still beating, Amy will rock on.

Amy spent a few nights under house arrest. First her father, then her record company kept her under guard, a virtual prisoner in her palatial Camden crack den. There was just one little problem: Her keepers interrupted her drug flow, and no crackie is going to put up with that for long.

How did she escape? No one knows for sure, but she probably squeezed under the garage door again. She was seen on the arm of yet another scraggly musician type, and was involved in yet another fracas with an innocent bystander. If she keeps beating up her fans she might not have any. Then again, it seems to bring them back for more. But how much more does she have left? According to her doctors, she's at death's door. Amy doesn't care, though. She says she's just young and alone and needs to get her rocks off now and then. I hope she outgrows this phase before it does her in.