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Will Paris Beat Nicole To The Altar? Benji's Head Over Heels, But Joel's Cool With Living In Sin 26.Jun.2008

Adorable familyWhich is somewhat ironic considering that the Madden boys are God-fearing Christian men. In fact, the National Enquirer claims Joel won't marry Nicole until she "converts to Christianity". I'm not sure where she'd be converting from, but hey, if it makes the guy happy, right?

Perhaps Nicole hasn't quite gotten that point just yet. Despite all the rumors of a summer wedding, Joel told People that he and Nicole "have no plans for that right now". He went on to say that "(r)ight now we're really happy, and we're concentrating on our family, and that's what is making us happy right now. We're moving at our own pace." Despite my lack of credentials or advanced education, I'd say it's a strong possibility that the subject of marriage has created some tension in our young lovers' lives. My guess? She's ready, he's not. Or maybe she's the subject of the blind item about the new mommy who's got a hot fling going, and he either found out or has his suspicions. Omigosh, is it someone he knows? !? Whatever it is that's blocking their nuptials, it's gotta be pretty big; these kids are obviously in love, and they both love their Harlow.