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Faces Of Meth, Jaundice Edition: Pambo Won't Let A Little Thing Like Hepatitis Slow Her Down 30.Jan.2009

Like the bottom of a birdcageYeesh. That looks about as healthy as an outbreak of bubonic plague. I wonder if she put any pants on this time.

I don't know what Pam's on these days. I don't think mere coke and champagne can f**k someone up like that. She must be hitting some pretty hard shit - industrial paint thinner or something. No wonder Lainey calls her "filthy scab". It fits more and more every day.

But don't cry for the face that hag built. Word on the street is Pammie's found a new love, and she's more smitten than ever. He's a regular working joe - a scuba diver! - and they met in a trailer park. If that's not true love, I don't know what is. I give it six weeks, when he has to go get a few shots and maybe a stool sample or two. You never know.