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Prettywhorish: Kate Hudson Busted Banging One-nut Bike Boy In Bathroom Stall 28.May.2008

Mother and daughter: peas of a pod? A pox on the both of you! Kate, he was in love with you. It wasn't enough that he tried to kill himself over you once - you had to take him back and then dump him again? !? Evil bitch. And you, Lance. You're supposed to be his friend, not his conjugal heir. Guys who take hook-up hand-me-downs are not real friends, they're PARASITES.

The Wonder Spooge Twins continued their lust-fueled romp in Cannes by getting busy in a bathroom at a Dolce & Gabbana party. After spending the evening dirty dancing in the crowd, they snuck off to the bathroom for something or another. Maybe she needed a buddy and he was the only one around. Whatever. A witness was chatting with Kate in the bathroom when Lance walked out of one of the stalls ... topless. She's so lucky it wasn't bottomless.

These two really are shameless, and are perfect for each other in that regard. And maybe the apple didn't fall too far from the family tree for Kate: A couple of weeks ago, her mother was spotted "openly making out with some dude who was NOT Kurt Russell. Totally not caring who saw her," according to Lainey Gossip. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I always liked Goldie and Kurt. Is it all just another sham? I'm so disillusioned.