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Will Paris Be Good Charlotte's Yoko Ono? Yes, If Nicole Has Her Way 24.Apr.2008

Show this to Benji. This might do the trickNicole knows what Paris is up to. She's not in love with Benji; that would mean she's capable of caring about others, and we all know that's just not Paris. Her relationship with Benji is all about one-upping Nicole. She's jealous of her happiness with Joel and baby Harlow. She's also pissed that Nicole doesn't have to take Valtrex every day like she does.

Is Benji really in love with Paris, or just taking advantage of the nearest receptacle while he regroups after his breakup with that other blond? It's hard to say - he always has that scowl on his face, regardless of what Paris is doing - I hope he changes it up a little for their naughty times. A look like that can really kill the mood.

Nicole is working overtime to rid her life of all things Paris. First we heard stories of her talking with Kathy Hilton about her daughter's thoughtless intentions. When that didn't seem to wake Benji up, she decided to plant a little Yoko in his bandmates' minds. The Daily Mirror is reporting that the other Good Charlotteers are demanding he dump Paris - they've had it with her hoity-toity ways and are probably worried about bad publicity if they associate with a known tagger. There's no word whether Benji's listening, though. Poor guy.