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Brad Pitt, Inebriated Basterd: Making The Most Of His Time Alone 29.Jul.2009

You don't see ME drunk dialing, do ya? All those kids are beating the shit out of our boy Brad. Surely it can't just be because of all the beer those crazy Germans are foisting on him. He's awfully cute all drunk up though, isn't he?

While Angie and the kids are settling back home in LA Brad is promoting Inglourious Basterds in Berlin, one of his favorite places. Every time he goes there he gets all hammered and silly. I guess it's good for him to blow off some steam now and then, especially with all those breakup rumors constantly swirling around. Not that I believe them, but it's gotta get old. I don't think Brad and Angie will ever break up, but that's only because I'm under their spell. In real life we all know better, but we can pretend, can't we? Besides, they've got to stay together at least until Maddox and Zahara are old enough and then they will rule the world. Trust.