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Brooke Puts Down The Pipe To Get Healthy While Charlie Shacks Up With The Nanny 28.Jan.2010

I'm fine. It's the rest of you bitches that's crazyAnd the kids too, of course. Charlie would never shag the nanny. She'd have to be waving pom-poms before he'd even consider. Nannies have always been more a Jude Law thing.

There sure seems to be a lot going on with Charlie and Brooke. First was Brooke's hospitalization last week, reportedly to be treated for pneumonia (read: cracked-out lungs? ). Today came news (allegedly confirmed by her stepfather) that she's in some rehab place - for drugs, but her lawyer insists it's a physical rehab type place, not a detox and rehab type place. I think she could benefit from both: whatever gets her away from Charlie long enough to clean up her act and get her head on straight. If they do end up divorcing she'll need to have her shit together; Charlie likes to fight dirty, and publicly.

In the meantime, Camp Sheen is working double-overtime to make this whole ugly mess go away. They supposedly have Brooke ready to rescind her statements in Aspen, hopefully getting charges dismissed and restraining orders removed. And then what? Things go back to the way they were? That wasn't working. And if they were both using (and indeed they were) why aren't they both in treatment? He obviously needs it just as much if not more than her. After all, she wasn't the one jacking him up on the wall with a knife to his throat, was she?