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Catfight! Martha Stewart Makes Play For Bill Clinton, Hillary Threatens Military Deployment 09.Apr.2010

Whoa, Martha. The tabs have been saying she's desperate for love, and Slick Willie is cute and all, but still. He's married to the Secretary of State, and Madame Secretary is not about to sit back on her pleated trousers and wait for her husband's little willie to get him into another pickle. That's not what she wants to be remembered for.

That's understandable, but Bill just isn't going to make it easy for her. It is said that he has a very ... active social life, especially when Hillary's out of town. But Martha Stewart? I dunno. She is so not his type - she's educated, articulate and assertive, way too much like Hillary for comfort, I think. Yet this week's Enquirer (via Celebitchy) is claiming that Bill and Martha have gotten cozy, even having dinner chez Clinton while Mama was overseas. Oh, the drama. Hillary reportedly found out about the candlelit champagne dinner from the hired help, who were probably only too eager to spill the beans on Papa's company. Working for the Clintons has got to be easier than working for Martha.

Not that Hillary is any kind of pushover. When informed of the romantic little get-together, she screamed at her husband for his inappropriate behavior, saying it didn't matter if they got it on because he'd lie about it anyway. Then she called Martha and accused her of hitting on Bill to get back at Hillary for snubbing her after her jail stint. It's convoluted at best, the whole scenario. Maybe Hillary's just pissed at Martha for not picking her.