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Two And A Half Teeth: Charlie Sheen & Plane Load Of Coke Whores Take Tropical Porn Vacation 23.Feb.2011

Charlie's favoriteWell, maybe not a plane load. Just some new woman, a porn star and his not-quite-ex Brooke, who probably just got sick of scraping Charlie's crumbs off the tabletops and carpeting. Girlfriend wants to party. Why else would she agree to go on vacation with him. She used that same bullshit "rehabbing at home" excuse, and still looks jacked out of her bird lately.

Not that Ol' Toothless is doing much better. According to Radar, "Charlie is back to his old self -- and that's not a good thing ... So much for rehab at home."

Now they're all off on a tropical junket to some mysterious private island. Away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and his bosses at CBS the world's richest crackhead can finally set up that porn family he's always wanted. At least Denise has the sense to keep herself and her daughters out of harm's way. If Brooke was dumb enough to bring the boys, too ... yikes. Charlie's dad was right when he said Charlie's addiction is like a cancer. The question is, who's going to step up and take that pipe away from him before it's too late?