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Rachael Ray Cancer Scare: Surgery And Possible Radiation Will Not Keep Her Out Of Kitchen 17.Jul.2009

No, honey, I have a headache!If being married to a greasy, swarthy pig with deviant fetishes didn't keep her down, a little bump on her vocal cords sure won't. She's been talking about a "harmless" growth on her vocal cords for a while, but didn't seem like she was in any hurry to treat it until now. Has something changed?

Rachael finally went under the knife a week ago, in what was probably a fairly simple procedure - she was home the same day, and seen out and about the very next day with a scarf "wrapped tightly around her neck". If she was still able to walk and draw air, it wasn't tight enough.

Seriously, although Rachael's publicist says the growth was benign, the Enquirer's sources claim she may still have to undergo radiation to make sure she's cancer-free. I wonder if she's a smoker; her voice always sounded like she is/was, but I've never heard either way. As much as I love to pick on the annoying little dishrag I hope she gets a clean bill of health.