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New Tv Starts This Week! And By New Tv I Mean Old Shows But New Seasons! And The Theme Of The Week Is Guest Stars! 20.Sep.2008

Samantha Who!And this is very good because it means I can stop watching everything on the CW11 including the encores.

But this week NBC shows start with The Office, 30 Rock, the 90th and final season of ER and so I assume than ABC shows will start soon as well like Grey's Anatomy (lesbian surgeons! So fun!);

Private Practice (Addison has a new haircut and a new man), Samantha Who? (guest-starring Mary Kate Olsen and let's see if Christina brings home the Emmy for best actress on Sunday), Brothers & Sisters (with some of the people who thought they were brother and sister now dating), Ugly Betty (now filmed in New York and guest-starring Ms. Lindsay Lohan leggings herself),

Eli Stone (with a singing Katie Holmes. That has got to be better than the George Michael hallucinations), Lipstick Jungle, Dirty, Sexy, Money (with the feisty Lucy Liu) and the much anticipated Kath & Kim which looks quite funny. If the dialogue is half as funny as Selma's outfits then it should be a hit.

Kath and Kim