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Brittany Murphy Dead At 32, Creepy Husband Opposes Autopsy 21.Dec.2009

What will they find? There's something hokey going on here. Brittany was once one of Hollywood's most promising new actresses. She even dated Ashton Kutcher. She was thisclose to the A-list. And then she met Simon.

Simon Monjack was some kind of unknown screenwriter when he met Brittany. She was going through a rough period, with rumors of drug abuse and a string of broken engagements. She thought she had found her Prince Charming in Simon. No one else agreed.

Since then, her career has hit the skids. She recently scored a role in a movie but was reportedly fired from the set for being a diva. It didn't help that Simon was busy fighting with the locals when not clinging to his little moneymaker.

And now she's dead. Brittany was found unconscious by her mother in the shower this morning. They rushed her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Preliminary results indicate a natural death, but Brittany was only 32. She'd lost a lot of weight lately, and the drug rumors were flying again. Is that why Simon was against an autopsy? He can protest all he wants - LAPD and the Coroner insist. Maybe he knows more than he's letting on - he was taken off a recent flight by paramedics for being "unresponsive". What I want to know is why he wasn't the one to discover her - he never left her side. Maybe he was too busy flushing evidence.