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Natalie Portman, Homewrecker? Funny, She Doesn't Look Anything Like Serial Miller 08.May.2009

Would you like to see where the horse bit me? Actually, Natalie looks like she's got more sense in her pinky nail than Sienna has in her whole body. She seems intelligent, well-grounded, and not the kind of girl who'd fall for a man-ho's lines.

But this week's Star says differently, and nobody's better at spinning circumstantial evidence into a plausible story. According to their all-seeing, all-knowing anonymous sources, the pair's alleged makeout session at the Sunset Tower Hotel was no fluke or drunken hook-up - the two are now seeing each other.

But does Natalie see Sean as he really is? She seems far too hip to fall for his tacky pickup lines, but if she's using something besides her brain to decide, anything's possible. I mean, everyone knows he's an arrogant piece of shit, but hey, in the right circumstances, I'd hit it. Hard. And then throw him out on the curb with cab fare. It's a tough old world.