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Kevin Costner Puts That Happy Ending To Good Use, Making One Big-ass Baby Boy 13.Feb.2009

Kevin Costner nipple slip: (both of them)Congratulations, Kevin and Christine. Their second son, Hayes Logan Costner, was born last night, tipping the scales at 8 lbs., 15 oz. Mom and son are said to be doing well and resting comfortably.

Hayes joins his parents and big brother, Cayden, who's almost 2. Hayes and Cayden also have three older half siblings from Daddy's first marriage, which ended because he thought he was a huge star and could do better than the woman who was there for him for almost a quarter century. Of course, this is the guy who also thought he could top Dances with Wolves, and we know how that all worked out for him. Waterworld, anyone?

Kevin says the name Hayes comes from a Western he wants to make. He thinks it's a "great Western name". You know, like Clem or Wyatt or Rowdy. They all sound like dog names to me.