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Chris Brown Beat Rihanna Up, Faces Up To 9 Years For Felony Battery 09.Feb.2009

In happier timesNothing funny here, folks. This is some serious shit. This girl's injuries were severe - she was said to have two "huge contusions" on each side of her forehead and her mouth and nose were bloodied.

The couple have reportedly been having a rough time the past few weeks. Somehow, things blew up after a pre-Grammy party Sunday night, and both artists backed out of the show at the 11th hour as a result.

The rumors, meanwhile, are flying. One report even claimed that Chris hit Rihanna because she gave him herpes. I dunno 'bout that one, but something made these two fight only an hour or so after leaving the party. They pulled over, got out of the car and kept arguing on the sidewalk. There's no word on who threw the first punch, but 911 was called, and when police arrived, Chris was gone, and only a scared and battered young woman remained. Chris later turned himself in wearing his sad face. I have no sympathy.

While authorities initially wouldn't release the name of the victim, it has since been confirmed that it was in fact Rihanna, and that she was in fact pressing charges. I hope she sticks to it. Chris has talked about his violent upbringing, and it's obvious he needs help controlling his rage, but in no way should he be allowed to skate on this. Only a piece of shit would hit a woman, even if she's bigger than him.