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Elizabeth Taylor Proves Yet Again That You're Never Too Old To Find Love 30.Sep.2007

She looks really happy, doesn't she? It's also nice to see her coloring her hair again - she let it all grow out white at one point, and it was scary.

Liz and Jason

And yes, she does look pretty banged up, but she is 75 now. She's probably had almost every illness known to man - or at least taken every pill - and she's let herself go a bit, but she's still got a pulse, and she's still got an itch to scratch. Her new companion is Jason Winter, a Hawaiian businessman.

Jason bought Liz a house in Hawaii, where they must be growing that Hawaiian herb, lotsanookie. I mean look at the smile on her face! It can't be just the diamonds. Homegirl's got a reason to LIVE now!

Jason looks pretty cheery himself. Some insiders are speculating that Liz will make him Mr. Taylor # 9, but I think she's finally gotten past the whole need-to-marry thing. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. They look happy enough as is.