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The World Mourns The Loss Of Elizabeth Taylor: They Don't Make Stars Like That Anymore 23.Mar.2011

She was gorgeous, gracious, darkly sexy but never trashy, even when she allegedly stole another woman's husband. OK, so she really did steal at least one husband, but nobody could really stay mad at her, or stop watching her movies. All the starlets and wannabes with all their manufactured drama and questionable skills could never hold a candle to Liz Taylor. She could really act, and she could really love.

The world was shocked and saddened by the death today of Elizabeth Taylor at 79. She was one of the last true greats, and she lived the superstar lifestyle before it was fashionable. Hell, she wrote the book. Then, in the twilight of her years, instead of fading into obscurity, she became an activist for AIDS research and helped raise millions. She also became close friends with Michael Jackson, although I don't know for sure what she may have helped him with other than turn him on to the docs who write the really good 'scripts.

Despite the fact that she didn't always live her life according to the publicists, the world fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor from her stunning debut in National Velvet as a young girl, and grew up to become one of the biggest movie stars of all time. She even won not one but two Academy Awards. They just don't make stars like that anymore.