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Katie Price Does The Alba Ass, With Bonus Giant Boobies. Safe From The Neck Down Only 22.Jun.2009

Look at my ass!I don't understand why Katie Holmes repeatedly mutilates herself with multiple cosmetic procedures. Like Pamela Anderson, underneath all that plastic and greasepaint is a really pretty girl. She's obviously got some pretty major issues, though, and things don't look to improve any time soon.

I don't know much about Katie Price other than that she's a British tabloid fixture, she had a reality show with her odd little husband and children, she's yet another big-busted nitwit confusing reality TV with true stardom. Being a train wreck that people just can't turn away from doesn't mean you have any real talent. Like Jessica Simpson, she's made more from merchandising than anything else. And to give credit where credit's due, Katie is also an accomplished horsewoman.

Unfortunately she's also tremendously insecure, if her behavior and wardrobe choices since her separation are any indication. She's even allegedly got a new boyfriend; he must be out of his f**king mind. The soon-to-be ex-husband, on the other hand, has been photographed weeping in the airport because he's been separated from his family. I can understand why their reality show was such a hit. Such drama queens.Look at me!