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Midgets Get Horny, Too: Hayden Panetierre Trades In Aging Hero For Lower Mileage Boy Bander 08.Feb.2009

The Midget & The MoppetGee, I hadn't heard that Hayden and Milo were not together anymore. Last I heard, they were shacking up. I guess that 12-year age difference got old pretty quick, because Hayden has clearly moved on, and this time she's latching on to someone her own age.

Hayden was spotted with 21-year-old Jesse McCartney at the Crown Bar, and according to some lucky Radar staffers who just happened to be there at the right time, they were getting it on - lap grinding, neck suckling, cigarette-sharing lust - and not trying to hide it. The two were clearly smitten with each other.

I bet these two would look kinda cute slobbering all over each other, but I wonder what happened to the Milo. I thought they had a pretty serious thing, but maybe that's what scared Hayden away. After what her mother's been through with her abusive father in the last year, though, it wouldn't be a shock if she was commitment-shy. She's way too young for that anyway. Let her kick her little heels up - at least until she's old enough to drink legally in the clubs she's always in.