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Sexy Mama: Jessica Alba Shows Off Her O Face. Is This The Last Thing Cash Warren Saw? 18.Nov.2008

Now that's sexyI guess he's taking care of Honor these days. If she's anything like her mother she doesn't give him a second of peace.

While Honor helps Daddy hone his domestic skills, Mom's making some movie in the City. I think she's supposed to be playing some kind of math savant, but I really couldn't bring myself to read the details. I lost interest in the Alba after the first season of Dark Angel.

It's not like she's a gifted actor. Her idea of looking smart is to wear bangs; her idea of contemplating a major problem is to look painfully constipated. You can't blame her for trying to branch out, but by covering up the only thing she's got going for her (that high, tight ass) she's alienating her core audience - mainly adolescent males in search of inspiration. And that's really all she's good for. The Alba is still notoriously rude to fans and paps alike. She even made an 8-year-old girl cry last week. (Seriously.) Bitch. Hope your face gets stuck like that.