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Nobody Wants Jessica Alba's Brown Baby Pictures. We Want To See Her Husband Get A Job 07.Jun.2008

Where it all began? ... And then we'll be impressed. Until then, between her grinchy face and phony Latina pride we've had enough of that one.

Jessica now joins Britney, Mariah and Anne Heche as celebrity women who fall for, and financially support, shiftless, jobless dirtbags who are only after their money. Why is it that guys like that are always so good in bed? A girl gets dick-notized and it's all over. She'll be lucky to get a signed prenup before she gets a positive pregnancy test result.

And even if there is a signed prenup, the terms are generally quite amenable to these losers: Even if they stay with their rich bitch for only a short time, it's like they won the lottery. Kevin Federline will probably never have to get a real job again. Nor will Cash, Nick Cannon or Coley Laffoon, who is still getting $3,700 a month in support from Anne even though she's crying broke and out of work. They had a child, she's the major earner, and she's the one stuck paying 75% of the bills while Coley "watches porn all day". It makes me wonder how many teenage boys see this as their meal ticket - f**k a star, be set for life.