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Mischa Barton Lost In France, Can't Find That 15 Minutes She Lost 29.May.2008

Mischa and her latestSuch a tough lesson for such a doughy bitch. Mischa thought she was going to be the next big thing. But then a funny thing happened when she mixed coke and 'shrooms at Nicole's party on Memorial Day - she flipped out and got a night's stay at the local hospital with complimentary IV.

Then there was the DUI she was lucky to plead down, but the damage was already done. No one invites her to the really exclusive events and parties anymore, and the high-end designers are into the younger and paper thin girls. Mischa is neither these days, but that hasn't stopped her from acting like a diva, ditching her promotional responsibilities for her new film, first in Cannes and now in London. The film, You and I, features Mischa in a lesbian liplock but even that wasn't enough to save what critics say is horrendous.

Now that she's been paid for her "work" in the film, Mischa has taken a powder, disappearing with her rocker-of-the-week. That's the kind of arrogant, willful behavior that may cost her jobs in the future. If her lousy acting doesn't get there first, that is.