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Holly Madison Wants To Go Back To Hef Because Douchey Magician Spent All Her Money 25.Feb.2009

Maybe he was distractedIt's not like he has any after that Vegas fiasco. He's probably back to doing birthday parties and bar mitzvahs - for very young children. They're the only ones who still fall for his cheesy "magic".

Someone else finally wised up to his cheap tricks and sent him packing. Holly Madison, who left the warmth and security of the Playboy mansion to go pick a card with a f**ktard, is realizing she may have made a mistake. A big one.

Holly was swept off her feet when she first met Chris. After sponge-bathing an octogenarian for a while who could blame her? Suddenly her beloved benefactor was boring and dated. The first chance she got she jetted to be into Angel's arms.

Shit got old pretty quickly. Holly didn't want to be a groupie for Criss, and was even more bored watching him pretend to work than she was with Hef. He probably cleaned out her bank accounts, too. He looks shifty like that.